Posted: March 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Anger and frustration course through me like poison rushing through and disintegrating my veins. The poison takes over and I feel the need to revolt.

To hurt.

To maim.

Something, anything to get rid of what I feel. Anger takes over my body. I can feel it burn inside me. It dissolves any and all logic. All I see is red.

The need to claw and hurt is strong. The urge to hurt you, ever-present. The need to fight is in every cell in my body. I feel empty, hollow. The emptiness and anger consumes every single trace of happiness.

I once saw you through rose-colored glasses but now all I see is black. I was once able to see everything but now you have blinded me. Now, all there is, is darkness and hate.

Hate that I feel for myself and for you. Hate that corrupts my soul. My once happy and cheerful soul is now black and filled with sticky hot tar. The darkness, ever-present, grows inside me everyday; taking over what was once filled with hearts and rainbows. Now all I have are worms and maggots eating away at me.

Will I ever become who I once was?

Will you help me find myself again?

Will you simply look away and ignore my pain?


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