Music has Power

Posted: April 2, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I love music as much as or more than the next guy but as I make my husband breakfast and lunch at 5:30 in the morning for work, I jam to the top 100 and I get to thinking.  Here’s the thing, I’m hard core heavy metal girl through and through and my husband leans more towards rap and pop. Now don’t even get me started on rap that’s a never ending argument with me and best left for another day. But as I’m listening to a mix of the top 100 pop and the top 100 rock songs I realize a few things.

For one the top 100 rock songs only had 22, yes 22 actual rock songs out of 100! The rest were let’s face it, pop songs. Come on people, when did Ed Sheeran, Haim, and Lorde become rock? I guess the music industry has a very loose definition of rock. When I was young, and I’m not that old people, just a ripe old 33, any shoes and socks; when I was young, for me, rock was defined by the greats. Korn, AC/DC, Van Halen, Def Leopard, Guns N’ Roses, The Offspring,  Pearl Jam, The Foo fighters, Slipknot, Sevendust, Metallica before their heads blew up, another sore subject and cause for much ranting but some other time.

So as I listen quite a few of these songs are pretty loose. They sing about getting drunk to forget an ex. They sing about wasting your rent money at a club and that being ok as long as you had fun. They sing about one night stands. They sing about doing drugs. They sing about sleeping with married men. What happens when you wake up the next morning? I’m not a prude by any means but I have 5 kids and I really don’t want my kids thinking that all these songs that glorify these things are ok.

This has been something that has been on my mind since my 4 year old was singing about going to sex clubs and getting high to forget some guy. Who was more than likely not even worth this poor girls time anyway. But what I’m saying is when did music get so out there like that? Where was I that all of the sudden I’m hearing all this for the first time? I’ll tell you where I was.  I was in my rock world, the real kind of rock. I’m not saying rock is perfect and I’m not saying they don’t sing about that kind of stuff. What I’m saying is that their subtle. They don’t just out right say it. I’m saying their songs have substance.

Pop songs, I’ve noticed are all about what the masses want. But their not the only ones. I have noticed some rock bands that have gone soft and mainstream. But why do they have to forget who they are? Who they were, just to sell records. Why are they selling themselves to get on the top 100? Why do they forget or push aside who they really are to sell albums?  I get it, I do. They gotta make a living.

The thing is I’m the type of girl that LISTENS to music.  I hear every word.  To me music is everything.  Music can effect my mood. It can inspire me or drag me down. Music has the power to make me happy or make me sad. Music can make me feel so good that I sing at the top of my lungs not caring who’s around, who hears me.  Music has power, plain and simple. So what are we telling our kids when we glorify drinking and loose sex? What are we telling the future of this country when we sing that we wish we could be like the cool kids because they fit in? When I was young that was the last thing that I wanted. I have and continue to teach my kids that it’s ok to be different.  I tell them everyday that they shouldn’t judge anyone by what other people think or say. You have to come to your own conclusions. You have to stop and listen to what they have to say. You have to see past what other people perceive as different.  Because the ones that are different are the ones that have more to prove.  They are ones that have all those negative thoughts running through their heads that were put there by the cool kids. They are empowered by those negative words.  They are the kids that say to themselves, ” I’ll show them” and they do because they have something to prove.

I’m not saying pop is bad, it’s not. There are some really beautiful pop songs out there that sing about love, real love. What love should be like. Those are the gems. Some are positive. And what’s with all these singers constantly telling me what their name is in the middle of a song. I know who you are that’s why I’m listening to your album or in my case not listening because all you say is your name throughout all your songs. Is that really necessary or you just can’t find anything that rhymes? Is that a trend or something?

Now, I won’t lie, I do catch myself singing to some songs every once in a while. But where we do we draw the line? Where does it end? Why is ok for music to talk about, “making that girl gush,” really? Why do “musicians” or “singers” have to to be so negative towards women? Women are worth more than what some of these male singers perceive them to be. And why do some women singers add to that by degrading themselves and knocking all women down a thousand pegs. I know it’s up to me to censor what my kids listen to but with technology the way it is today kids can access anything on their phones. It’s up to me to instill right from wrong. To instill what’s ok and what’s not. I have come across some extraordinary music over the years. I recently discovered Twenty One Pilots from my children and let me tell you they blew up the box. I have sat and listened and they got my gears turning. That’s the kind of music I want my kids to listen to. Music that gets their minds working, not music that numbs their minds. I want music to have a positive effect on them. I want them to have a love for it like no other, I know I do.

What singers should do is remember what it was like when they were young. Remember the reason they wanted to become singers in there first place. I doubt it was for the money. They should Remember that their words are way more powerful than they think.


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