A darker me

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Your a liar and a fake.
Every word you said was uttered somewhere else.
Every moment was fabricated.
Rehearsed to perfection.
Perfected many times over.
With so many.
For so long.
Your words like honey soothing my damaged soul.
Mending my broken heart.
You lured me in with sweet nothings just like you lured everyone else in.
Unlike everyone else I fell for every line, every lie.
And I fell deeper than anyone else.
And get what everyone else got.
Your good, I will admit.
And I’m blind, I will admit.
Every kiss was false.
Every touch tainted.
My love for you in question.
Your love for me in question.
My soothed soul no longer soothed.
My mended heart once again broken.
Burning in my chest, fighting to burst free, waiting to infect the rest of me.
Waiting to fill every ray of hope with black shadows of hate.
Bringing forth a darker me.


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