Posted: May 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

To think I was someone different to you.
How could I even think that your words were solely for me.
Mine you are not for you belong to every pretty girl and even some not so pretty girls.
One thing I will say, you have no preference. 
Or should I say your preference is easy.
Then what does that say about me.
I ignored the warnings. 
Ignored the rumors.
Ignored the proof that was right before my eyes.
Even with your personality right in my face screaming at me, telling me “I’m no good.”
I ignored.
But I felt the pain.
Eventually turned you away. So many times i turned you away yet here I still stand, your personal doormat.
Your personal cock sucker.
Still an idot.
Still blind.
Still giving you what you want.
Still putting you above all others.
I’m an idot.
I maybe better than you but I’m no better than you.
A contradiction,  it seems.
A walking talking cock sucking contradiction.
Even with all this anger and all this hurt one look from you soothes me. Washes away all my insecurities. 
Until I remember what I really am to you. Your no different from any other man. I’ve had a few that spewed romantic beautiful words at me. Wrote me songs. Told me I was beautiful,  gorgeous even.
But at the end of the day I was just another girl with a vagina to them and you. Just another pair of panties to get into. I guess I should thank you and every other man that has crossed my path for making me realize that ya’ll are all assholes. At the end of the day your all just Worthless Assholes.


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