Web of Lies

Posted: July 28, 2016 in Uncategorized
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     My heart is solely yours.

Yet, I find tiny webs of doubt
Your words weaving a deadly thread of deception

    My love reserved solely for you.

That glimmer in your eye
Is hard to deny
It shines brighter with every lie

    My mind always on you.

It’s written on your face
Bright and bold as the morning light

    I give you my soul

Your long pauses of silence
Your mind at work
Creating an intricate web of lies

    I give you my life

You give me endless explanations
Your webs have holes
Your stories inconsistent

     I give you my all

Every word reveals
Every silky strand breaks apart
Slowly showing
What you so desperately try to hide.

But you forget who your dealing with
I creep behind you
I stalk my prey
My bright red belly hides no lies

Your trapped in my Web
And there you shall lye 
Till you learn to be faithful


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