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I feel like all I do is lie.

I tell you everything’s alright

But inside

There’s a fight

You’d know it if you could see my face

But all you see
Is what you chase

I hold it all inside

All the hate
But I can’t take
All the pain

What a fate

I can’t seem to escape

The look in your eyes

All the hope

That always shines

But I cant evade

All the sadness in my life
Its getting harder to hide
The tears that slide

So I lie

So I lie


The fight

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Sadness bleeds thru my veins

Twisting and turning

Rounding every curve 

Carried thru my entire body
Weak and tired

My body ready to give up

My mind fighting 

Not ready to give in.
A battle wages

Mind and heart

Body and soul

Life and death
So many things left to fight for

So many people left to love

So many people depending on me
But the darkness is thick

The light getting weak.

Over powers all. 


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There are no words for the amount of pain I feel

It grows and festers

You stole my light
You stole my dreams
You stole my life

Can you hear my screams?

You ignore them
You can’t hear them
You don’t care

Life without you is bare

My days are short
My nights grow long
My heart is heavy
My mind is gone

Day by day my light dims
My heart slips
Icing over
But I shall live

I will survive

Web of Lies

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     My heart is solely yours.

Yet, I find tiny webs of doubt
Your words weaving a deadly thread of deception

    My love reserved solely for you.

That glimmer in your eye
Is hard to deny
It shines brighter with every lie

    My mind always on you.

It’s written on your face
Bright and bold as the morning light

    I give you my soul

Your long pauses of silence
Your mind at work
Creating an intricate web of lies

    I give you my life

You give me endless explanations
Your webs have holes
Your stories inconsistent

     I give you my all

Every word reveals
Every silky strand breaks apart
Slowly showing
What you so desperately try to hide.

But you forget who your dealing with
I creep behind you
I stalk my prey
My bright red belly hides no lies

Your trapped in my Web
And there you shall lye 
Till you learn to be faithful


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You live life carelessly.
It’s not just you and me.
You live life selfishly.

Consiquences mean nothing.
You won’t always be so lucky.

Loneliness is not a new thing to me.
I live life carefully.
It’s not just you and me.
I give my life selflessly.

You may think life is boring.
You find others fullfilling.
But they are temporarily entertaining
A life not worth sustaining

It’s not just you and me
There’s life waiting silently
For you to wake up and see
All our love waiting patiently


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My hope is shattered.
I’m empty inside.
You no longer love me
But your still by my side

There’s an experation
On our life together

I now understand
We were never ment to be together
That doesn’t mean
That I won’t feel the pain

You call to me,
Your eyes
Your smile
Your skin
Your body
Your soul

No longer mine


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My insecurities are eating me.
My doubts preceeding me.
My negativity filling me.

You have a vision.
You have a dream.
Of the way she should be.


You’re expectations are high.
My self esteem is low.

You’re words sooth.
But you’re eyes hold truth.

You say, “I don’t care.”
You say, “you look beautiful. I love you.”

But you’re eyes wander.
You’re love betrays.
You’re mind millions of miles away.

My heart is yours.
And yours is mine, for one day.

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Once –

Just like Dad

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A poem from a son to his daddy on Father’s Day.

I’m a tiny version of you
So teach me well

Every word that you say
Will forever stay

I’ll follow your every move
So I can be just like you

I bare your name
And we’re one and the same

I’ll grow up fast
But my love will last

For all my days
I will love you the same

You will forever be
My one and only daddy

I love you dad

My Daddy

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A poem from a son to his father

From the day that I took my first breathe
I knew
What a great dad you’d be
I could see it in your eyes
When you smiled at me
I know
No matter what I do
No matter who I’ll become
My daddy will always love me
I know
You will teach me
You will show me
You will guide me
I know
I will grow up to be
An amazing man
My Daddy