Posted: March 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Some love pain and thrive on it.
I feel it but I won’t give into it.
Some mask their pain with a little extra.
I won’t give into that instability.
I want to but I can’t. 
I want to drown myself in substance but I can’t.
I’m better than that.
I know better. 
Giving into those urges is nothing but weakness.
I won’t be weak.
I Can’t Be Weak.
I refuse to be weak.
I won’t let all of this bullshit be the end of me.
The ink under my skin reminds me that I owe it to myself to lead a better life than I did before.
It reminds me that my life is my own. And it is I that decides where my path will lead.
I am stronger than I know.
I will not surrender to the darkness. Nothing good comes out of the dark.
I will reject the darkness and embrace the light. 
I will throw my middle finger in the air and say fuck you, you do not control me.
I control ME.

  1. nayrocks says:

    A sentence from here is from this song lmfao pick my middle finger In the air (hate my life) btw I love this song lol


  2. nayrocks says:

    Theory of a dead man lmfao


  3. angelic3213 says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh alright time to bust out in song. Ahem… here I go…

    “I hate my job. All my rich friends. I hate everyone till the bitter end. Nothing turns out right there’s no end in sight I f-ing hate my life”

    Aaa thank you. Hold your applause.


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