Posted: April 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’m Struggling.
I’m in pain.
My heart filled with negative feelings.
Negative thoughts swirling in my head.
Vengeance wanting to ram it’s way through.
Vengeance wanting to devour you.
I won’t let it because I’m better than that.
I wont do it cause I’m better than you.
Thoughts stewing.
Hate building,  growing, festering.
I wanna hurt you.
I wanna fuck you over.
I wanna make you pay.
I wanna make you bleed.
You prove to me everyday why I can’t trust you.
You hide.
You lie.
You delete.
You cheat.
You steal.
I hate you, everything about you.
I hate your fake smile.
I hate your fake words.
I hate your believable lies.
I hate your fake touch.
I hate your fake kiss.
I hate that I love you so unconditionally.
I hate that I don’t wanna live without you.
I hate that I want to make you happy.
You’re no good for me.
You’re my drug.
You’re my disease.
You’re my ecstacy.
You’ve turned my white light dark.
You’ve turned my soul black.
You’ve turned my heart cold.
You’ve made my mind explode. 
Your a……


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